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Employment and Immigration:

The Home Office will implement a new identity document validation technology (IDVT) from 6 April 2022.

The new digital right to work check tool will allow employers to verify identity of individuals through an Identity Service Provider (IDSP).

An employer will be able to rely on a verified identity from a certified IDSP for the purposes of claiming a statutory excuse against being liable for an illegal working civil penalty.

Newsletter October 2021

New changes to the UK’s entry requirements mean that EU, EEA or Swiss nationals can no longer enter the UK using national ID cards and will instead be required to show a passport to be granted entry to the UK.  The new rules came into effect on 1st October 2021 and could impact over 200 million Europeans who have ID cards but do not have passports.  ID cards have been used by European nationals to travel throughout Europe for a substantial amount of time, the UK was only one of few countries that didn’t issue ID cards.  This means that many European citizens do not have passports and concern is growing that the need for passports just for the UK could deter visitors and negatively impact the tourism industry.

The government has announced that the countries eligible for the Youth Mobility Scheme will soon be extended to include India as well as Iceland.  Nationals from India and Iceland will be able to apply for the scheme from 1st January 2022. An initial 3,000 places will be allocated to Indian nationals whilst a further 1,000 places will be allocated to citizens of Iceland.

 To be eligible for the scheme Indian nationals will need to meet at least one of the additional requirements:

·         Holding an academic qualification equal to or above the equivalent of a UK Bachelor’s degree with Honours.

·         Having a minimum of 3 years experience in an eligible skilled occupation.

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We were both Chinese nationals and trying to get married in the UK however got refused for the marriage visa application. Then we got married in France instead. We instructed Reliable Law Services to assist us in addressing the issues raised in the refusal letter and prepare the relevant documents to apply as T4 dependent visa. Mr Kam Gunnoo is very competent in dealing with immigration matter and always replies quickly when we need his advice. Finally we got the visa 2 weeks after the submission, we really appreciate Reliable Law Services ! Strongly recommend for those who need immigration advice.

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Reliable Law Services! These guys are beyond your normal lawyers. KAM GUNNOO worked with me … he was very professional and empathetic…where you think it's all over.. No!! Kam will push you as he believes you have every right to fight for what is yours. Kam….I have since learnt from you, on various things in life .. especially when people are trying to use the system to steal from you…. God bless you! Kam

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The Home Office website directed us towards Reliable Law Services. So glad that it did. Mr. Kam is Professional like the old school guys were. He dots every i and crosses every T. His response time is phenomenal, and understanding of UK Immigration nothing short of remarkable. He calmed us when we got anxious, even if the outlook wasn't simple or straightforward. My wife has joined me now, and we are once again a family. Thank you RLS for all that you do, reuniting loved ones is Godly work and we are grateful. We highly recommend this firm.
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Mr Gunnoo is very professional and extremely respectful. I do recommend the firm to friends and family.


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