parenting plans

A parenting plan is a voluntary, written agreement between parents.  The plan covers practical issues in relation to the children such as living arrangement, education, healthcare and finances.  It aims to assist parents in resolving arrangements amicably and informally. 

Informal agreements are not automatically legally bindingand there are limited recourse if the opposing parent acts in breach of that informal agreement.  Consent orders provide a mechanism to make an informal agreement legally binding and therefore enforceable through the family court.  

A consent order is a legal document that confirms your agreement.  It can include details about how you’ll look after your children, such as:

  1. where they live

  2. when they spend time with each parent

  3. when and what other types of contact take place (phone calls, for example)

  4. You and your ex-partner both have to sign the draft consent order. You’ll also need to get the consent order approved.

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